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Easy to Use
No need for technical skills such as HTML, CSS, PHP, or the myriad of other Internet technologies. myGroup is a turnkey website - you don't need to worry about the technology. You fill out a few forms to create your website and ongoing management is as simple as point and click. You can even have your group's leaders adding to the website in no time at all.
<yourname>.mygroup.us Domain Name
Your new website comes standard with a fully qualified domain name for easy access in the form of http://<yourname>.mygroup.us/ . It's easy to remember and simple to communicate to your members. Other services provide you a "web address" that is not a fully qualified domain name.
Customer Domain Name Support
Do you have your own domain name for your organization such as www.myorg.com/. Do you want to purchase one?

Great ! All you need to do is purchase a domain name from any Internet Registrar and forward it to our servers. Presto, your primary domain works in addition to the standard subdomain - including email aliases and groups in the Adnanced Package. This feature is included with every myGroup package. Detailed instructions are provided in the online help once you order.
No Advertisements
Your website contains absolutely no Internet Advertising.
Automatic Backups
The dedicated servers used to host SOAR website service are backed up on a daily basis to protect your organization's website. While we cannot "undelete" content that you have deleted, we can ensure that your organization's website is safe from major catastrophes.
Site Themes
You want your Group/Club website to stand out and reflect the personality of your organization. You don't want it to look like another's website. myGroup has introduced the Site Theme feature to provide organizations with the ability to personalize their website.

You will be able to select from a variety of pre-packaged themes that define the base look and feel of your website. Within each theme you will also be able to add your own pictures and change such things as the colors and fonts used in your website.
Keep you Group/Club members up-to-date by posting announcements to your website instead of emailing everyone. Announcements are listed on the home page of your website - the newest being shown first.
An automated calendar system that allows you to add Events and shows month, week, and detail views for easy printing. There is also a handy repeat event feature to make scheduling those regular meetings easy. No longer do you have to manually edit the monthly calendar and redistribute it to all members.
Photo Albums
Easily upload and share photos from your events with all members. You can even organize photos into Photo Albums.
Upload important documents such as forms, meeting minutes, and marketing materials to your website. Your members can then have access to them anytime without contacting you.
Create a shared list of links to useful websites on the Internet.
Attach documents directly to Announcements and Calendar Events for easy access. Great for such things as meeting agendas and directions for events.