Features - Standard Package
Rich Text Editor
Create advanced content with a rich text editor similar to Microsoft Word. Any member with access can now create postings and change the font size, color, alignment and even create tables of information.
Custom Pages
Add custom pages to your website, each with its own menu item for easy access. The possibilities for this feature are endless. You can even nest pages and make them private or public.
Member Roster
An easy way to keep track of contact information for all members in a single online location. Once contact information is updated, it is immediately available to all other members. The Roster Feature also comes with SOAR's standard security so that information is only available to members.
Content Filter
This feature is great for larger Groups/Clubs. As each Announcement and Calendar event is created you can select the "group" that it is associated with. The "group" can be all members, leaders, or any other group you decide to create. Members can then select the groups they are associated with and presto - only that content is displayed to them. Content for other groups is not shown.
Member Import
Get started fast by importing all your members and their contact information from an Excel spreadsheet. Also an easy way to bulk add new members anytime.
Calendar Sync
Use your SOAR myGroup like a Google Calendar. Members can subscribe to your website calendar once and all the events you add will show up on their phones, tablets, comptuers.